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Bachelor of Technology (Computer Systems and Networking)


Computer systems and network administrators are responsible for the configuration and reliable operation of computer networks, which form the backbone of modern information systems. This degree course will provide you with the knowledge and skills required to pursue career opportunities in this rapidly expanding field.

The course integrates current developments in wired and wireless networking and provides a comprehensive view of the industry. Notably, the networking laboratory sessions are aligned with industry-standard certification requirements. Curtin Malaysia is one of the premier Cisco-certified providers in Malaysia, providing students an exclusive opportunity to attain additional Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certifications upon completion of the course.

You’ll develop skills in network design and management, and the convergence of computer hardware, embedded systems, information technology (IT), Internet of Things (IoT), technical support, real-time systems, software and telecommunications. This means you’ll not only learn about computer network design and development technologies, focusing on the design and support of distributed computer and telecommunications networks, but also acquire knowledge in both hardware and software aspects essential for achieving optimal computing performance. This includes in-depth exploration of critical subjects relevant to operating systems, database systems, as well as hardware fundamentals, electronics, and specialised areas like microcomputers and embedded systems engineering.

Throughout the course, you’ll also have the flexibility to study some optional and elective units from a range of software engineering and cyber security subjects.

Why Computer Systems and Networking?

  • Computer Systems and Networking graduates are highly sought after both nationally and internationally.
  • The course offers a carefully designed curriculum for students to learn various CISCO components.
  • The course offers industry-based skills and experience.
  • Curtin Malaysia is one of the premier Cisco-certified providers in East Malaysia, allowing students to obtain Cisco Certified Network Associate and other CISCO qualifications.
Perth, Malaysia or Sri Lanka
Study Method
Study Mode
February or July
3 years

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