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Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)(Honours)


Mechanical Engineering addresses the analysis and development of technological systems involving motions, and permits humanity to harness the energy and forces that exist in nature, providing for the needs of society.

These systems may comprise mechanisms or machines made up of moving components or involve fluid flow within or around solid structures to impart forces or energy interactions. These could range from micro-mechanical devices to massive power-generating turbines.

The work of a mechanical engineer could include the design and specification of components or entire systems, design and planning of manufacturing processes, plant operation and maintenance, consulting, research and development, and management.

These tasks are common to a wide range of industries such as power generation, air material processing, transport, water supply and their support industries.

First Year

The major has a common first year with all other engineering disciplines which builds a range of basic science skills and knowledge, with particular emphasis on physics, chemistry and mathematics.

Why Mechanical Engineering?

  • The course is highly directed towards developing fundamental knowledge and a generic skills-base necessary for a wide range of career opportunities in the engineering industry, management, and research and development.
  • The course has a well-maintained balance between theoretical skills and practical experience with up-to-date facilities for demonstrating concepts and their applications.
  • Instruction is by highly qualified, enthusiastic and caring teaching staff with both international academic experience and industry exposure.
  • Faculty’s strong collaboration with industry players presents opportunities for exposure to industry practice.
Perth, Malaysia, Dubai and Sri Lanka
Study Method
Study Mode
February or July
4 years

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