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Payment options

  1. Curtin ePay

    Curtin ePay allows you to:

    • Make payment for the course fee, miscellaneous charges such as pass/visa, GHS insurance, graduation related expenses, parking permit, conference fees, letters/transcripts reprint charges, etc.
    • Choose from various payment modes such as S PAY GLOBAL (previously known as SarawakPay), FPX (Malaysian Bank Account), Flywire (International), Credit Card (VISA/MasterCard) and Charge Card (Amex).
    • Receive your receipt instantly via e-mail.
    • Set up (optional) a Curtin ePay ‘My Account’ which enables you to update your personal details, add multiple delivery addresses, change your password, view past and future dated payments and reprint receipts.

    For guide on using Curtin ePay, please click on the following link:

  2. Bank transfer/Telegraphic transfer

    Bank Account Details

    Payee Name : Curtin (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
    Bank Account No. : 5110 1055 4408
    Name of Bank : Malayan Banking Berhad
    Bank’s Address : No. 112 Jalan Bendahara, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia
    Swift Code : MBBEMYKL

    Please email your Bank transfer/TT slip together with your Student Name and Miri Student ID number to to enable identification of payer account.

  3. Over the University cashier’s counter

    Location: Heron 1 Building (Ground Floor)
    Operation hours: 8:30 am – 4 pm (Monday to Friday, except Public Holiday)
    Payment mode:

    • Cheque or Bankdraft
    • Credit Card (Visa/ MasterCard)
    • Charge Card (AMEX)
    • S PAY GLOBAL (previously known as SarawakPay). (For guide on using S PAY GLOBAL, click here)
    • Cash (Only for miscellaneous charges and payment < RM500.00 per day per student)