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Diploma of Commerce


Enhance your business acumen through our advanced programme, crafted to instill a deep comprehension of key domains like economics, accounting, finance, marketing, management, and technology. This dynamic course not only cultivates a versatile skill set but strategically equips you with proficiencies in communication, critical thinking, cross-cultural awareness, lifelong learning, and decision-making.

Gear up for a career spanning diverse sectors and industries, charting a strategic course towards advanced business degree programmes. Upon successful completion of the Diploma of Commerce, seize the opportunity for advanced standing in prestigious programmes like the Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Business Administration at Curtin Malaysia, providing up to 200 credits to propel your academic and professional journey.

Learning Outcomes

A graduate of this course can:

  • Understand the principles underlying good business practices.
  • Apply theories and concepts to solve problems in business.
  • Demonstrate practical skills in the management of commercial enterprises.
  • Communicate effectively, in written and oral forms, individually or in a team, with diverse stakeholders.
  • Use of relevant technologies to interpret data for generation of innovative solutions.
  • Demonstrate autonomy and leadership qualities in managing responsibilities.
  • Pursue lifelong learning and develop entrepreneurial skills to adapt to evolving trends and challenges in business.
  • Understand and adhere to the principles of professional ethics and sustainable development in local and international business environments.

Course Organisation

Year 1 of the Diploma programme incorporates four units dedicated to English language proficiency and academic diligence, strategically aimed at cultivating a range of generic skills in students. These skills include writing and speaking proficiency, critical thinking, and research capabilities. Additionally, students delve into foundational areas such as accounting, economics, management, marketing, technology, and statistics.

In Year 2, students embark on an exploration of value creation in business. They develop the expertise to utilise financial information for informed and responsible decision-making, alongside honing business intelligence and analytical capabilities for meaningful data interpretation. Following this phase, students can opt for three specialised business units in preparation for their intended Curtin degree.

Towards the programme’s conclusion, industrial training provides students with practical skills and experience, ensuring their confidence and industry readiness upon graduation.

Study Method
Study Mode
March, July and October
2 years

All students must complete the MPU units to graduate with a Diploma from Curtin Malaysia. For more information on the MPU units required, go to MoHE Compulsory Subjects

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