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Diploma in Aquaculture


The two-year diploma focuses on aquaculture in farming and management. It equips students with scientific knowledge in aquaculture and specialised skills in aquaculture farming and practice. The structure of this course integrates the scientific aspects of aquaculture in breeding, production, processing, design of aquaculture systems and farming management to ensure the development of food security. The learning activities in the course will be based primarily at the Curtin Malaysia campus which allows for engaging and practical on-farm experiences. After the course, graduates are qualified to become aquaculture entrepreneurs, aquaculture technicians, researchers, research assistants, and aquafeed production officers.

Learning Outcomes

A graduate of this course can:

  • Understand the principles of good aquaculture practices and system
  • apply theories and concepts to solve problems in aquaculture system management
  • demonstrate practical skills in the management of aquaculture farming
  • communicate effectively, in written and oral forms, individually or in a team, with various stakeholders
  • use of relevant technologies to interpret data for the generation of innovative solutions
  • demonstrate autonomy and leadership qualities in managing responsibilities
  • pursue lifelong learning and entrepreneurial skills
  • understand and comply with the principles of professional ethics and sustainable development in local and international environments.

Course Organisation

Year 1 of the diploma program contains two English language and academic diligence enabling units which are aimed at developing a range of generic skills in students including writing, speaking, thinking, numeracy and information technology. In addition, students also study scientific knowledge in aquaculture and fisheries, biology in fish and water quality monitoring.

In Year 2, students will explore knowledge in aquaculture farming and practice, including learning to breed fish with a focus on nutrition, fish feed and pond construction. Towards the end of the program, students will gain practical skills and experiences through industrial training, ensuring they are industry-ready.

Study Method
Study Mode
February, July, October 
2 years

All students must complete the MPU units to graduate with a Diploma from Curtin Malaysia. For more information on the MPU units required, go to MoHE Compulsory Subjects

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