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Complaints and Conflict Management

Curtin is committed to effective complaint/grievance management, with the objectives of:

  • minimizing personal and organizational dysfunction arising from unresolved complaints
  • providing a fair, effective and open organizational response to complaints
  • ensuring that complaints are addressed according to the principles of procedural fairness, in a timely and confidential manner, at the lowest appropriate management level
  • promoting organizational and personal learning and development

Complaints will be managed with common sense, respect and fairness, efficiently, confidentially, and in a manner which affords procedural fairness to all parties.

All general misconduct complaints submitted online or in paper form will be dealt with by the Chief Operating Officer, in consultation with the Pro Vice-Chancellor of Curtin Malaysia.

All academic misconduct complaints will be handled by the Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor according to Curtin University’s academic misconduct policy and procedures.

Complaint Categories

If you are unsure or unable to identify the most appropriate category, please fill in theĀ Online Complaint Form below. The form includes a list of complaint categories to assist you in identifying your main concerns and simplifying the lodgement process for complainants. Upon receipt by the Office of Pro Vice-Chancellor/Chief Executive, your complaint will be categorised upon receipt.

You also can request a confidential meeting if you wish to discuss your concerns or seek advice prior to registering a complaint.