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Centrally scheduling your assessments and exams

Examinations may be scheduled on any day or evening during the two-week examination period, with the exception of Sundays. You should not make commitments to any other activities over this period.

Many assessments and exams will be centrally scheduled during the formal examination period.

  • Six weeks prior to the examination period a draft timetable will be published
  • You will have one week to provide feedback to your schools or faculty about the timetable
  • Four weeks prior to the examination period a final timetable will be published
  • Two weeks prior to the examination period your examination venue will be published (if you have a face-to-face exam).

You may be required to sit back-to-back examinations but shall not be made to take more than two examinations per day.

Alternative arrangements (Equity Examinations)

Curtin University recognises that some students require alternative arrangements for their examinations. This may be due to a disability, a medical condition or a religious reason.

Examinations for other institutions

Curtin Malaysia facilitates examinations for other universities, colleges, international programs, business colleges and certified course providers who have students studying or staying in Malaysia.

This service is extended to organisations both in Malaysia and overseas.

For information on venues, supervisors and costs, please contact the Examinations Office.
Tel +60 85 630 100 ext. 2576/2689 (GMT +8)
Fax +60 85 630088