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Health Insurance

As an international student at Curtin Malaysia and bonded by Malaysian Immigration Laws and Regulations, you are covered by the University’s comprehensive Group Hospitalisation and Surgical Insurance Plan which is currently operated by Generali Insurance Malaysia Berhad.

Coverage under the Group Hospitalisation & Surgical Insurance Plan is offered at a very competitive annual premium of RM900.00 per student. The annual premium is applicable for all actively enrolled international students below 65 years of age.

You will be issued medical care which provides the benefit of hospital admission and outpatient clinical treatments.

Visit panel clinics to get treatment instead of the hospitals. Only visit hospitals in the event of an Emergency (‘Emergency’ shall mean Treatment needed between the hours of 12 am and 6 am or in the event whereby immediate medical attention is required within twelve (12) hours for Injury, Illness or symptoms which are sudden and severe failing which will be life-threatening (such as accident and heart attack), or lead to significant deterioration of health permanently.)

Visit non-panel clinics and hospitals only when referred by the panel clinic (with referral letter)

For enquiries or any personal assistance, drop by the International Student Office at Prinia 1, Ground Floor, Curtin Malaysia or email