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Awards and recognition

Learning and Teaching (L&T) Excellence Award

The Learning and Teaching Excellence Award is granted to academic staff for their contribution to the learning and teaching progress at Curtin University Malaysia. Academic staff will be evaluated in terms of teaching performance, Scholarship of Learning and Teaching (SoLT), recognition of excellence, and supporting student learning.

Curtin Malaysia Learning and Teaching Excellence Awards 2023 form

Awards and recognition for staff

Awards and recognition for students

The Curtin Malaysia Student Learning Awards is organised to acknowledge and recognise students who showed commitment towards engaging with their studies and demonstrated a significant improvement in their performance.

This award is considered for nominated students from all programmes, who have returned to Good Standing academic status from Conditional academic status. Successful nominees have improved their study outcomes by attaining excellent marks. They have also demonstrated excellent participation in all learning activities such as classes, assessments, groupwork and project work; as well as participated in mentorship and received guidance from academic staff.

Academic staff who mentored and supported these students will also be awarded as the students’s supporters, acknowledging their efforts and dedication to educating students.